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The Four C’s of an AOG Service Provider

Apr 16, 2019, 19:02 PM By: Signature TECHNICAir
To find your “diamond in the rough”, keep these four C’s in mind when working through your next AOG.


An AOG Situation can be very stressful. It leaves little time for errors or being let down by someone who does not follow through. You are responsible for making sure the aircraft is always safe to fly and is available when and where it is needed. That is no easy task, especially when something goes wrong in the middle of a trip away from your direct care. To find your “diamond in the rough”, keep these four C’s in mind when working through your next AOG.

You can’t solve the problem if no one answers your call.

That is why the first and most importance C is Communication. If they do answer and you have them work your issue, their communication through the process is critical in keeping your crew and passengers informed so they can make decisions that least impact their plans.

You need both the right experience and the right tools.

Having someone experiment on your aircraft is no way to work through a problem quickly. Be sure the technician is familiar with your model and the equipment involved. They also need to have the right tooling to properly follow maintenance manual procedures.

You have to play by the rules.

Know the regulations, your ops spec (if applicable) and how the aircraft is currently being operated. It may matter if the work is signed off using an individual’s A&P license versus a repair station certificate. Insurance, drug programs and any internal vendor approval processes are important aspects to consider as well.

“I am already on the field and will be right over.”
In the end, having a convenient solution saves a lot of time and stress. It also saves money as someone far away will likely cost you more with travel and time. The true “diamond in the rough” provides the other three C’s AND makes your life much easier while doing so.



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