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Operating in Europe – are you Part-NCC compliant?

Jul 31, 2020, 16:00 PM By: Adrian Nowak
NCC significantly affects the majority of privately operated bizjets in Europe. What is required to achieve compliance?



In 2016, the EU raised the bar for ‘Non Commercial Complex’ aircraft registered in, or where their operators reside in, an EASA state. Even those N-registered aren’t exempt, if they are residents or have their principle place of business in the region.

This regulation significantly affects the majority of privately operated bizjets in Europe.

EASA Part-NCC requires operators to adhere to the same requirements as commercial operators, however the rules are proportionate to the scale of the operation. Each operator, once compliant, must make a declaration to their NAA, to enable the regulator’s oversight programme.

So, what is required to achieve compliance?

  • A management system. This will establish the structure of the operation, personnel, procedures, a safety system, and an audit programme.
  • An Operations Manual. This will reflect the specifics of the operation, the aircraft, areas of operation, crew, training, and so on.
  • A Minimum Equipment List. Based on the MMEL, but must be tailored to the operation and approved by the state of registry.
  • A Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation. The aircraft will be assigned to a CAMO approved by EASA, to manage the aircraft’s airworthiness for the operator.

Whilst compliance will remain the responsibility of the operator, the complexities can make it a daunting prospect. For the uninitiated, it’s wise to contract qualified support to assist the process.

Many technical writers are available to freelance a solution for an operator in need, albeit with varying degrees of success. The discomfort of a diligent SAFA ramp inspection is always best avoided, and onboard documents are an easy target.

The Signature Technicair CAMO based in Bournemouth in the UK, has a wealth of experience in delivering EASA Part-NCC solutions. For airworthiness management services, call +44 (0)1202 583403.



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